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Bright Futures: Family Matters

  Winter 2004(1) Build a Bright Futures Team for your Children's Good Health Women's and
    Children's Health Policy Center. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
- A Practice-
    Based Intervention to Enhance Quality of Care in the First Three Years of Life
    (File size=226KB)

  Winter 2004(2) Mentally  Healthy Institute for Family Centered Care (IFCC) - Child Trends
research brief on adolescent emotional well-being and mental health  
(File size=226KB)

  Winter 2004(3) Smart "Screen Time" - Tips for families to help children make good screen choices
    The National Family Caregivers Association - TV recommendations from the American Academy of
    Pediatrics - December is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

  Fall 2004 10 Things you can do to get your children off to a healthy new school year - Voices for
   America's Children - Benefits of Family Meals - October is National Child Health Month

  Summer 2004 The importance of play - Children's Safety Network - Measures of physical activity -
   June - July 4th weekend is Fireworks Safety Month


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