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Bright Futures Family Talkcards are designed to bring Bright Futures concepts to families and to bridge the gap between guidelines and practice. These are designed to bring Bright Futures concepts to families for discussion.

Family Talkcards are intended for use in discussion groups with families—either parent-run groups (playgroups, new parent clubs or with a couple of friends) or those led by professionals.  Each card has brief child/family situations for families to react to.  Others can be added to address special interests and issues.  The topics follow Bright Futures the six health themes, by four age groups. 

Talkcard sets cover 6 health themes—
 Healthy Habits   Family   Responsibility
School  Community   Social Skills

There are 4 sets of cards covering the 4 Bright Futures age groups
Infant (birth -11months)   Early Childhood (1 - 4 years) 
 Middle Childhood (5-10 years)   Adolescence (11-21 years).

As primary caregivers for their children, families need to make many judgments that impact their children's health. The decisions they make and the strategies they use are likely to be based on personal values and preference, culture, and resources. The purpose of the Family Talkcards is to encourage families to share experiences and strategies and to generate a variety of approaches to raising healthy children.

Click on the icon below for the set of Talkcards you would like to access.  The Talkcards are saved in a Word document so that group leaders can customize cards to address other important issues in the community.

(birth to 11 months)
Early Childhood
(1 to 4 years)
Click to download infant Talkcards
Click to download early childhood Talkcards
Middle Childhood
(4 to 10 years)

(11 to 21  years)

Click to download middle childhood Talkcards
Click to download adolescent Talkcards
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Family Talkcards

If you would like to order your own set of Talkcards or if you have any questions about accessing the Talkcards please contact us.


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